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 Wasps are an issue in around the house in particular because of the sting. No other pests sting quite like wasps. It is painful and makes the situation unenjoyable. They also sometimes create their nests in difficult, hard to reach locations.

According to Bees Matter, "Pollinators like honey bees play a vital role in agricultural success in Canada—they are responsible for one in every three bites of food we eat and $2 billion of Canadian agriculture. Luckily, today there are over 8,500 beekeepers in Canada keeping more than 700,000 hives." 


The behavior of the wasps depends on the subspecies of wasp. Paper wasps are the most docile. However, almost all subspecies of wasps can agitate easily and sting multiple times. The wasp sting can be potentially very serious depending on the age of and condition of the person stung. 

Give SHIELD a call if you want to get rid of a wasp nest! 

SHIELD protects bees! 


We contact a local beekeeper and ensure that, together, we are keeping the future of agriculture in Canada secure!

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